North of the Border

Mission Location:
Weather Station Eureka
Location: 80.083 N 86.417 W
Elevation: 0 masl – 610 masl

Estimated Time of Departure
0300 hours, April 6th.

Estimated Time of Landing
0900 hours, April 6th.

Weather Conditions
A Super Storm is currently forming over Northern Canada. We anticipate this causing either the landing or the pickup to be rescheduled. If the storm prevents landing, parachuting through the storm cell may become necessary.

All of Canada has remained under a blanket of telecommunications silence since the meteorite impacts from the Volantis Meteorite Shower.

On April 4th, 2026, a garbled communication was received from Weather Station Eureka concerning contact with an unusual species (possibly alien; possibly hostile) and a request for extraction on behalf of the Research Team. Staff at the facility consists of around a dozen civilian scientists and maintenance personnel and protective staff which belong either to the CDF or might be civilian security contractors. It is unknown which.

Primary Objective
The nature and scale of the biological threat they have encountered must be ascertained. Any intel that illuminates these vectors is of highest priority. Samples and specimens should be obtained if they can be safely transported.

Secondary Objectives
1) As well-trained Science staff are getting pretty rare on the ground, the extraction of any qualified personnel is of high priority.
2) The staff of this facility may be the only survivors north of the border. Capturing their experiences of life under the telecommunications blackout and the extent of the depreciation of Canada’s infrastructure is highly valued.

Operators Assigned
Command: Colongel Argyle
Coordination: Conda
Operatives: Kelso, Mex, Dillon
Specialists: Mac and Kono
Recon: Ghost and Shadow
Science Personnel: Red
Medical Personnel; Valkyrie

North of the Border

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