Recon Squad Epsilon


Recon Squad Epsilon was formed towards the end of 2024 as the Korean Conflict was winding down. The People’s Liberation Army were mopping up in the radioactive hell that was North Korea and were turning their attention South and an Evaluation was made that a Chinese invasion of Anchorage was imminent.

Operators were drafted from various existing Special Forces units, other military units with deep experience and key civilian specialists. All of its members volunteered for the Special Enhancements Programme and whilst this was being integrated into their systems, they chafed under a further three months of intense training.


Recon Squad Epsilon completed thirty one missions from 2025 to 2026 with high results and were seen to be instrumental in destabilising the hold of the NKA on the devastated Californian region. This despite the Global Catastrophe that was the Volantis Meteor Shower across the Northern Hemisphere in December 2025 – which plunged the world into 18 days of civil disorder, freak weather events and a blanket of near darkness.

Since their inception, Epsilon had been operating under the authority of the Provisional Congress of the USA which took over in August 2024 following the disappearance of the President and over half the members of the original Congress. From January 2026, cut off from the chain of command, Epsilon were operating solely under the auspices of Lieutenant Colonel Argyle. With supply lines and communications disrupted, many resources had to be gathered through unconventional means.

Their Roster included the following Operators

Recon Squad Epsilon

The Devil's Highway Grailchaser