Volantis Meteor Shower


2025 Warnings of an impending meteor impact go mostly unheeded in the USA as it is caught up in both the US Civil War, the Korean Conflict and an unchecked plague.

In December 2025, a spread of several meteorites impact across the Northern Hemisphere causing widespread devastation, fireballs, tsunamis and disperse an ash cloud that rains down fire. International communication via satellites ends.

The Earth goes through 18 days of total darkness as ash thrown into the atmosphere blocks out the Sun. The majority of plant life withers and dies. Temperatures plummet to below zero.

Natural water sources became more acidic and leached metals out of the soils, making streams and rivers temporarily poisonous.

Apex predators and scavengers live on in many areas, eating the dead and each other. Cold adapted species are particularly able to survive this weather. The only things that really thrive are cockroaches and fungi

It was a terrible time for the surviving humans. Less than one in ten survived this trial. When the skies began to clear and sunlight once again bathes the Earth, the only places that are above zero degrees on a regular basis were the coasts, particularly the West Coasts, where warm ocean currents kept temperatures up. The internal areas of most continents stayed dry and cold for several more years.

Areas that were already cold-adapted, like Canada and Northern Europe and Asia, may have had a better time recovering, but little is known of the Far North.

Volantis Meteor Shower

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